Anyone wanna make this pillow that i found on google? 3D STUDIO 3D STUDIO MAX

i found it HERE (you might need an account) Oh and there also many other formats.

I don’t know anything about modeling and porting so yeah.I’m a dummy.

Why would anyone who has ever managed to exist want to make a virtual pillow?

tl;dr: nope.


If you were any more useful my mind would literally turn into a physical liquid and evaporate.

Is it a 3DS Max file?

what’s the polycount?

I guess you and I haven’t been hanging in the same facepunch.

Sure, I’ll give it a shot. It might be too high-poly, but I’ll do what I can.

If someone can convert the PIC files included into a TGA,DDS,or Jpeg file type I can probably easily port it for you

This is currently

if you look here and try to make a random acc you should download the max format one it includes some textures.

this would probably be useful for machinimas… so make a wore out pillow for a hl2 machinima

I can see it now, sexy ragdoll pillow fights.

Stupid idea alert
Pillow swep. (Would it be a “swep”?)
Already been done?

The texture files are .PIC files

Which I can’t open

nvm I fucked up there is 3d studio and 3d studio max.
Look at op and download the one you need.

Textures are fucked up the ass

What a waste of time, seriously.

Not really, it just took a few minuted

How so?