Anyone wanna play Rust with me?

I’m looking for people to play Rust with since I keep dying all the time and I think it would be more fun.

So if you’re interested leave a reply down below or send me a private message.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Meet me in the ocean.

I don’t get it I’m a noob bro

dont have it :frowning:

I would but i don’t have the game, i wish i did xD (hey do you know when its released to the public, or when anyone can play it?)

I would love to but don’t have a key…sorry

I die every 5 meters I walk, so no, not possible.

Do not reply if you dont have a key.

They can if they want to, there is no rule saying they can’t.

I found iTz, we based together. But people who lived near us said friendly, then killed iTz, then said it was an accident, then they came to give his stuff back, then they ended up raiding us. This game is impossible. :frowning:

If you are trying to minimod and piss me off, it is not working.

minimod and piss you off? No I was just stating that there isn’t a rule against it, its a forum and people can mostly post what they please as long as it doesn’t break the rules…I wasn’t trying to piss you off.

Also on-topic if you want to find people to play with you can go to the teamspeak that someone generously made for the Rust community. There you’ll find someone.

Telling people about the rules is minimodding.

To be fair I was telling you that there ISN’T a rule about it :wink:

Therefore telling him about the rules.

Is minimodding against the rules?

(Point is that you’re minimodding now because of telling him that he’s minimodding!)
(I think)

No, plus what I said can’t really be classed as minimodding, I was just passing on general information that you should know on a forum that your consistently on. Only if your picky like StarMcBound

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Why are your trying to be so picky about it, I don’t understand why your trying to go this far with what I said?

Oh the irony. This is fantastic. GJ, Sir.

I want but i dont have a key :slight_smile:

If your having trouble staying alive long enough to get stuff done, consider moving further away from the hot-spots/loot spawns. hanging around the wood pills and rocks is also hard alone.
head for the hills, its a bit of a pain but you wont die so much.
there’s also less people there so its allot more likely that you can meet someone friendly.
Almost everyone kills on sight in the hot zones.