Anyone want a free copy of garry's mod?

I have a copy of garry’s mod left over after my friend gave me nine copies. I gave the other eight to everyone on my friends list that didn’t already own it. If you want it then post below but don’t already own the game and please have it on a steam account you use. I don’t want you taking it from someone that might use it.

Hi Inferno, I have a friend without a Facepunch account (he couldn’t pass the captcha), and his birthday is coming up. I was wondering if I could have this copy to give to him.

He doesn’t have Garry’s mod.

Hi anman20,

According to his games, he has 3 hours on record on garry’s mod.

I have never played gmod, would be cool to see what it’s all about. My Steam is under my avatar.

Hello! I bought Garry’s Mod and i enjoy it but it’s not the same with no friends to play with :frowning: One of my friends likes garry’s mod too but we can’t play together because he can’t buy it right now :frowning: I wonder if you could gift it to him so we can have fun together like you and your friends :slight_smile: . His steam account is - I’ll be really glad if you can do it :slight_smile:

Hello TerrorShield. I have added you on steam, accept it and its yours :slight_smile:

If you still have a Copy’s left My Friend could really use one


Sounds legit

I’l alt you in a second mate.

LOL, level 0, just made, get out scammer.

how is it scamming if its free are you dumb

You’re the dumb one. He already has Garry’s Mod, so he made an alternate account to get the gift for free and give it to his main account and sell it. If you’re going to be a retard, at least be funny.

Does it really matter? It was only $2 during the summer sale.

That’s the cost of a Big Mac as McDonalds

you just described sharking not scamming

Hi, I recently got into pc gaming and want to try Garrys Mod. This is my steam account I know im level 0 but you can see I have played games.

He already gave it away.

Hey if u got another free copy can u plz send one to me this is my account

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This thread is from freaking august.

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