Anyone want a small semi-destroyed office .BSP?

I dug up this small project I was working on a while ago. It wasn’t anything special, just a small destroyed/abandoned office. I was testing making smashed up walls or something.
It uses CS:S and L4D textures. I can give out the .bsp is anyone wants it.

Why ask, just release your map

I’d like the .vmf, for educational purposes of course, if that’s possible at all. I’m interested in seeing how you made those walls.

he clipped them?

Personally i use a L86, but each to their own.

Er, I actually meant .vmf! Sorry, yeah let me upload it.

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Alright, here it is. It includes the .vmf and .bsp

Kewl, will take a look at it.
Can we just take it and redo or chuck it into another map?

Go ahead

Are those wall supports all a brush?

func_detailed. So they can be edited or changed if necessary.

they’re really easy to make just from looking at the pictures…

Thanks! I might use this in an upcoming project of mine. I will credit you.

wth i can’t download this map? It always ask me for log in when i try to download something but I’m always log in my phone. why is that anybody help?

Don’t bother, it’s really nothing special

This is really well done, I like the lighting and it definitely has the torn down look.