Anyone want to help me port Warframe enemies?

I can’t rig a biped to save my life but I’ve been working on an NPC pack that desperately needs more models. I’m currently using the small amount of models that Nikout ported, but by the looks of it, he isn’t going to do more. You can take a look at the pack’s progress here:

I’ve tried rigging some models myself and they all turn out looking like spagetti, so until I can get my bearings with rigging I could really use help.

All I need is someone who can rig models to a Valve Biped. I can take care of the model ripping and texture work.

If you can help me out please let me know! :cry:

Note: If you need motivation, I’m willing to pay per model ported. You can PM me for details.

To be honest, I do not think the grineer marines are going to look pretty on a valve biped. The rest should work fine.
Zaramot of xentax forums made a warframe model export script, but it is outdated, and cannot export anymore. Perhaps you could ask him about getting you the models.

Yea the Grineer look a bit funky, but the female Grineer should look fine. And also, it’s no so much the exporting I need. I’m looking for someone who can rig them. Ninja Ripper works fine for getting the models.