Anyone want to make a gamemode together?

I was wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate and try to create a gamemode together?

I don’t know what idea to go with so I want to hear anyone else’s. Here are some ideas I had that are NPC heavy, because I was messing around with Nextbot:

  • Cops and robbers. You start off with no cash or weapons and you have to use threats of violence/actual violence to get money from NPC civilians, working your way up to buy weapons and hideouts to rob stores and a bank. Civilians scream and run away and call the cops on you telling them your location. NPC cops chase and try to kill you.

  • Quarantine. An infection breaks out and NPCs start biting each other spreading the chaos. The players are in the military locking down small town, going from location to location and house to house killing the infected and securing dangerous areas, protecting uninfected civilian NPCs before the whole town is taken over.

  • Serial killer. There’s several NPC serial killers on the loose killing prostitutes after they have sex with them. Players can be either vigilante civilian, an undercover cop or a prostitute and you have to work together to try and catch them. The prostitute will have to have sex with NPC clients until the serial killer is discovered.