Anyone want to make District 9 sweps?

Might be too much to ask for but for anyone who has seen the movie it would be freakin sweat.
First 2 minutes of the video show alot of the weapons in action

From what i’ve heard these are the names of some of the guns:

Coil Gun
Arc Gun
SMA Microwave

There’s one that acts much like a machine gun that probably shoots flechettes. Much like the Hunter’s gun but shoots at a much higher velocity and leaves a smoke trail instead of blue.
Another is more like a gernade launcher but the explosion has lightning in it.
This is the best pic I could find.

I would like most to see the gun in the below video. The Coil Gun

Arc Gun:

I can, if you provide me the models.

I’ve been working on an Arc Gun model for a while. Will make a SWep of it if I finish it.

Sweet man.

im not that good at modeling, but i can help with the scripting a little. i have not seen the movie yet but i can go off of descriptions pretty good.

Would love the arc gun swep, just to see the bodies exploding!

We need alot of stuff from that movie…but i guess its alright to start off small.

what about the human weapons?

Who needs human weapons?

The coil gun looks a lot like the force gun from Dead Space.

Human weapons - Oh my god! He’s gonna shoot me! Ow, I got shot!
Prawn weapons - Oh my god! He’s gonna shoo—ZAP! BOOM! CHUNKS EVERYWHERE!

Yeah, we have enough of lame human weaponry. 'Bout time we got down to some badass laser guns.

… Oh right

there was already a forum post for the arc gun:

and the prawn model if anyone wants the link:


they are almost done with both i think

I’m working on the SMA Microwave gun.

Any updates?

Added a new video showing alot of weapons.