Anyone want to share a server?

Hi everyone.

I own a Garry’s Mod Server. Currently, its sandbox. I would like to make it a BuildRP; but I can’t afford myself to buy more slots. Currently its only 12, if someone would like to pay 10-15$, I can make it 16 or 20 slot, then you will also get admin.

What I’m thinking of the server :
Some good map
Good addons
Good admins

And you and me can togheter work out what addons and what map etc.

My Steam : Zeroi9

Not a lot of people like RP that much anymore.

10-15$ would probably be too much.
You should really consider changing hosting company. That’s expensive for 4-8 extra slots.
I still like you idea though. :smile:
It would be a lot cheaper for server owners to own big servers if they would share the price for it.

Your hosting company is charging $2/slot? Gosh, switch to BB Servers or Xenon or anything else, they’re all cheaper.

If you do change, I suggest Xenon.


Thats so true, I was looking on servers by the list. 50 dark RP servers. Only 4 of them had about 3 people on them. DarkRP has more, but still not that many people.

Brocko is awesome that way, Cheap gmod servers :slight_smile:

Thanks :smug:

Xenon is great, most of the time. They only put two servers on one core, which can lead to problems if both of the servers on the core are popular. I had a problem with lag, they offered to transfer me to another box which fixed that problem completely.
100% recommend Xenon.