Anyone want to team up on Germany 1 (dev)

Hey guys,

so i started playing rust about 48 hours ago on this server as it was the one with the lowest ping at the time and i was excited to jump in. However it was not until eight hours in that i found out our items are locked to the server, blueprints too. So i decided to stay on the server and eventually made myself a nice little shack (2 x 3 foundries) with a metal door, then i just started doing runs at the local radiation factory and my loot built up.
Now some bandits have set up camp near my area and I’m worried that they are gonna loot my home, honestly it would put me off this game. Knowing that i’ve spent 24+ hours grinding and for it to all just go away when I’m asleep or without a fight. Thats why I’m asking if anyone experienced wants to move in with me (above my house), i will even provide some of the resources and extra blueprints that i have.

PM me if interested

Ideally i would like a few housemates from different timezones, just so the house is protected almost 24/7

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Hey eyyaz,

I’m also playing on Ger 1 (Dev)
Currently im alone, but i might have 3 friends joining me soon.

Find me on steam: Blasthebeat

Cheers :yarr: