Anyone who knows GMOD LUA well read this

hello my name is james and i am looking to start learning LUA for gmod to start developing things for server such as deathrun or DARKRP, i have some minor experiance with programming in VB so i am not entirley new to coding and understand the basic functions of coding. i have also read the guides on the basics of LUA such as tables, functions, arithmatics. but i am here today because most of the guides or videos on youtube for LUA GMOD scripting are outdated or offer no support so i am finding it hard to start learning. i am looking for someone to offer me private support and even some minor teachings. i am willing to pay for this if you cannot do it for free. you should have skype or some software where we can communicate and a mic would be ideal i guess.

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(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

Your best bet is to find existing scripts and pick them apart to figure out how they work and then go from there. Reverse engineer it. That’s what I did for WoW addons and shit (those are also Lua), and it worked fine.

yes clearly that is an option with anything in life, but i have made this thread to basically say i am paying someone who can put their existing knowledge into words and teach me the same thing, i dont care if they are going to teach via reverse engineering or w/e as long as i am able to develop LUA.

I guess eveywanne learn it like thumbtacks said ow, I did read to torturials on and readed the LUA pil…

Post some contact info my friend so people can actually reach you

my skype is: panda.friend
my steam:

still looking for someone

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still looking

I doubt anyone will teach you in a One-on-One manner; When I was learning, I did exactly what Thumbtacks did - Reverse Code and WoW Addons.

You can find some basic lua tutorials on Maurits and Youtube for ones that advance more.

This is probably better suited for the hiring mega-thread. I charge $60/hour for custom work ( base usage licensing ) when I develop code/products with an option to purchase exclusivity licensing and sometimes even resale rights down the road.

I used to teach classes in my area; not for Lua but computer and software development related for ~$300 ( This was with anywhere from 10 to 50 participants per class with several per day ).

I’m willing to teach, but you’d have to prove to me that you want to learn. This wouldn’t be a college teaching situation; I’m pretty strict when I teach one on one as in if I feel you don’t want to learn then it’s over. I have tutored a handful or two of people in Lua, but they turned out to not be interested in coding.

With that being said, I don’t have any specific “course-plan” and it’s pretty open-ended driven by what the student/s wants/ to learn; so if I’m to teach you, you’d have to tell me what you want the end result to be, what do you ultimately want to achieve.

Do you want to be a better coder all around ( code analysis, optimization, debugging & QA, pattern matching to reduce code footprint ), do you want to make addons here and there ( design, implementation, debugging & QA with some touching on optimization and a few other subjects ), or anything else.

Tutoring would be laid out like so: Initial questions ( this can drive the entire session ), discussion of topic, assignment. Since it’s one on one, it needs to be a discussion; I’m not just going to sit there and talk the entire time, you’re expected to be a part of the conversation.

Your initial questions should be about what you’re interested in learning as it could drive the entire session, questions about assignments, questions about the previous session, etc.

Topic discussion is where we’d cover the topic, writing code, giving examples, asking and answering questions, etc.

Assignments should be automatic. I’m not going to tell you what to do and when to do it. I’d expect you, if you’re really interested in learning and wanting to become a developer, to come up with your own assignments which are in part inspired by the discussion to show what you’ve learned or want to learn. You’re expected to have questions for each session about past, current and future assignments.

Feel free to pm me if you’re interested and we can come up with a rate.

In my opinion learning yourself is the best. Picking apart other people’s code and solving errors in your own code by yourself teaches you to be a self sufficient coder (you won’t have to ask someone for every other error you get what you did wrong).

There really is no quick and easy way, as I am sure you think hiring someone to teach you would be like. If you want guidance, just find some coders that would be fine with you asking the occasional question when you are stuck om something. Other than that, your best way of learning will be to pick apart other people’s code, and use that knowledge to help you make your projects.

still looking for someone

What have you done so far to learn lua?

i have learnt the basics off the wiki website

still looking