Anyone who plays Rust has to read this.

Shed a new light on all those hours spent in Rust. And, whether you agree or not, it’s great this stuff is starting to get written about games.

Is this your blog, by chance, ramitup?

Also, that bibliography is completely useless.


The Oxford English Dictionary



Thanks, I’ll be sure to follow up on those hyperlinked references you didn’t leave behind, author. The only YouTube reference is TotalBiscuit’s video, where he’s referred to as a “proper gaming journalist”.

…really strengthening your argument there, pseudonymous author. Good start to your essay.

It’s not my blog - I came accross it on reddit and thought the Rust community should see it. Also - I think you’ve taken it too seriously

I’m a writer; it’s kind of my field of expertise. However, I’m not going to make you answer for the essay, it just seemed slightly suspicious that your very first post was linking to this blog that has only one post on it. It’s a common pattern for advertising accounts, but it’s not always the case.

Yeah I get that - no offence taken.

As someone whose area of expertise isn’t writing though, I’m still entitled to an opinion about writing. And I think, if you’re taking this seriously as an academic piece and not as a piece of interesting games journalism, then however good a writer you are, you’re not a particularly good reader.

Stopped reading at Karl Marx, this is going nowhere.

Actually, my honest opinion is that that blog post is so far up its own ass I can’t take it seriously at all.


Not a hint. Are you sure you didn’t write this essay? I’m not out to offend you or the blog writer. At the same time, welcome to Facepunch, we do things just a little differently here.

I’ve spent plenty of time reading scientific studies about online gaming and honestly, this blog missed the mark. (I did a number of research papers in college on the topic)

Either way, I’m going to agree that this does come across as the author and OP being the same person and the aggressive defense of the article affirms that.

good luck though with your blog.

Hahaha. That’s hilarious. “that post is so far up its own ass I can’t take it seriously at all” to use your own words!

Same here, I was just wondering if author had actually understood what Karl Marx was talking about, or if he just opened his article with it because “that seems cool”.

I am fairly sure I didn’t right the essay. The only reason I’m being bullish is because I care about games and feel this kind of article speaks to that.

Also, by “irony” I meant “(oh the) irony”. Nothing personal, just in you saying “the bibliography is kind of useless” and then to pull a 180 and say “you can’t take it seriously”, all the while oblivious to the possibility this was the intention of the piece, when you claim to be “a kind of [writing] expert”. Perhaps it is you who’s too far up their own ass to see anything. (Okay that was kind of personal - apologies, just trying to continue the discourse)

I’m not specifically convinced whether OP is the one post blog author (and frankly, I think I simply do not care that much). Still I find kind of funny (sad?) that the discussion is focused on who’s the author and not really the content. Attack ad hominem, argument of authority, this really the lowest form of trolling on the internet.
If I had to play this game, I would just laugh at the very notion of writing anything about video game as “research paper” (science nowaday, god help me Sokal!).

I wish - I’m just gonna stop posting now - would be interested to see what pople thought of this as a piece of games journalism though (it’s obviously not an academic piece)

You’re not 100% sure? Do you think it’s possible that you have a split personality that registered, set up a Wordpress blog, and wrote a pretentious piece trying to use Rust as an allegory for what the author believes is Marxist ideals? Is that what’s keeping you from being utterly confident?

I’m 100% sure I’m not (insert any blogger here).

You’re taking this fairly seriously and personally if you’re a completely disinterested party. I’ve been careful to keep my criticism of the blog post and your thread behaviour separate and distinct.

Can an admin please prevent this troll from ruining the thread before it’s begun? Guy is so desperate to pin me down with his petty drivel, you’d have thought he had a chip on his shoulder about the piece or something. Thx

While the admins are at it, can you grab a cup of coffee for me along the way?

He probably found it here.

Ironically the author on the subreddit also claimed to have not written it, and appears to have been banned for spamming since then.

like I said - reddit. (seen your edit now) Can we have a normal discussion now?