Anyone willing to host a server for my clan? Cash involved for you!

If you would be kind enough to host a server for us, we’d be willing to maintain a large userbase on it as well as do all the work for you. We can help you through the whole process of getting the server up, and you will receive some donations directed towards our clan for your help.

We are doing this because only one person can host a server these days, and a lot of people left. The clan is not dead, and can be easily revived.

You’re pretty much being paid for just having a server on.

Also, you will receive admin on all of our servers and forum.

PM my FP account if interested. 5 slot minimum.

Also, this isn’t in server hosting because that’s more of a “I need help” and tutorial place.

How much are we talking here ?

umm i would host a server sure id use my pc and keep it on all the time lol i do that all the time but one thing sometimes if the server goes down its because my wireless card randomly disconnects lol also i have a clan/group and its called S.v.E Spartans vs Elites we make videos maps and build shti this is also for halo 3 but the server thing umm id say it could be a 2 clan serve. like so S.v.E(your clan name) then the rules but we will have to talk more about it and i mite do it for free as long as u got people that would like to play gmod alot or do RP on rp_evocity_v2_d join my gmod server its usually up

server name: S.v.E
max players: 30
online: randomly unless we talk some more then it mite be a 24/7

Clean up that textwall!
He probably wouldn’t even pay you to use your own pc, a dedicated is what he is looking for, not giving a 10 year old his allowance…
But seriously, how much are we talking about?


I’ll do it for ya.

players : 10

online 24/7

, Pm me

i could host one i have a old pc thats almost the equvilant of myn (my pc is 2k) i could host a srcds server for your clan :slight_smile:

I can host any number of people on my dedi, how much compensation are we talking here?

Probably 1$ a year, lol.

I don’t mind hosting you a server, as long as your clan doesn’t turn into a shitfest. I don’t care about server/forum admin because I’ve got my own projects to run.

I doubt you’ll actually be forthcoming with the cash, so I’d prefer a few advertisements.