Anyone willing to host a server for my clan? Cash involved for you!

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I’m not helping you for a penny. Some random clan pops up and offers me the donations. What? $0.05 for $25.00 worth of my broadband?

The incongruities are blinding. On another topic: I can offer a 30 slot server for $30/mo :smiley:

I’d go for more judging from how much it costs for you to pay for the connection.

Good rates though, you might get a call from me in the future.

Ha sorry for the mistake. I meant most, 75% perhaps…We need the extra 25% to get other servers back online later, then we can start paying you with legit cash rather than the donations which may vary. Although, you may actually make more cash from donations rather than the legit pay.

The whole 75% thing is not that trusting. I would have my account set as the default donation receiver. What is stopping you guys from ripping out the 75% and giving us 25% and saying donations are slow this month?

Unless you can plant a trusted agreement then getting service is not going to happen long-term.

There’s always the Clanpay / Group pay option if you lease a server where you can give your donaters can directly donate towards the servers funds (means that it bypasses whoever owns it so you know the cash is going straight into the servers funds).

Why not just goto someone like ArtofWarCentral or GmodHosting? It would be cheaper, more reliable, better pings, all around better, etc…

The point they’re making is that they don’t have the cash wad to be able to pay a consistent fee from month to month. Donations vary.

Sorry if I seem stupid or anything, I’m really skeptical of people who say they promise to pay when for me it ended up with me getting something they thought I would like that I don’t with my money and ripping me off.

I’ve set up a server and I’m willing to host it for you. It is 30 slots and I have the cash to fund it for more. I’m fairly experienced and if you are interested I’ll only ask for $25 a month.

16$ a month per 8 slots.

Hello. I am the co-owner of Xadon Servers. We offer Garry’s Mod servers at the lowest prices around.

You get:

TCAdmin access, (One click add addons, start and stop server whenever you wish.)
NO branding whatsoever.
No hidden fees.
No setup fee.
Free support.

Here’s the prices:

Slots Price per month
8 $USD 12.00
9 $USD 12.25
10 $USD 12.50
11 $USD 12.75
12 $USD 13.00
13 $USD 13.25
14 $USD 13.50
15 $USD 13.75
16 $USD 14.00
17 $USD 14.25
18 $USD 14.50
19 $USD 14.75
20 $USD 15.00
21 $USD 15.25
22 $USD 15.50
23 $USD 15.75
24 $USD 16.00
25 $USD 16.25
26 $USD 16.50
27 $USD 16.75
28 $USD 17.00
29 $USD 17.25
30 $USD 17.50
31 $USD 17.75
32 $USD 18.00
33 $USD 18.25
34 $USD 18.50
35 $USD 18.75
36 $USD 19.00
37 $USD 19.25
38 $USD 19.50
39 $USD 19.75
40 $USD 20.00
41 $USD 20.25
42 $USD 20.50
43 $USD 20.75
44 $USD 21.00
45 $USD 21.25
46 $USD 21.50
47 $USD 21.75
48 $USD 22.00
49 $USD 22.25
50 $USD 22.50
51 $USD 22.75
52 $USD 23.00
53 $USD 23.25
54 $USD 23.50
55 $USD 23.75
56 $USD 24.00
57 $USD 24.25
58 $USD 24.50
59 $USD 24.75
60 $USD 25.00
61 $USD 25.25
62 $USD 25.50
63 $USD 25.75
64 $USD 26.00[/release]

You can order a server at:

Use promo code “facepunch” for a 5% discount on a Garry’s Mod server.

Xadon isn’t that close to Xenon?

Moderator, close this thread please. My clanspeople said I wasn’t supposed to repost this…

Yes, in the sense that they both have the letters X, O, and N, they are similar.