Anyone with a REAL teamspeak?

I’ve checked out the other teamspeaks but they dont let me connect for some reason. Does anyone know any Rust teamspeak that has a lot of friendly people?

Out of Pure Curiosity, is there anyone that uses Teamspeak on Rust?
Ive used it for alot of stuff, mainly DayZ and some fun on Arma 2 Conquest.

I have a Team Speak but there are only me and 3 others on because no one else is actually looking for friends, and I am also making a clan soon, TS IP:
Join if you want we are on most of the time I personally go to school so Im only on 4PM to around 12 midnight.

My 24th MEU members use TeamSpeak when playing. We’ve had a bunch of public players join us for Rust. We’re an anti-bandit unit that is very close knit. So while we accept outside folks, they need to be trusted first before given all of the access.