anyone with lag spikes?

i am experiencing some annoying lag spikes
every 45 seconds my game freezes for 1 second
this happens when something is rendering i think

my specs are:
Intel Core i5 2500k
GTX 670

Could be due to entering new areas and having all the buildings load at once ?

no, its a little bit “randomized” its just a random little freeze, sometimes when this happens, i see in the background a new part of the scenario appearing

I dont think your CPU is strong enough?!

i think my cpu is ok, my game dont properly lag, i started rust with ARMA III opened
i just have random lags

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i uploaded this video: it shows how the lag spikes are.

Maybe its just too early in the morning for me and the coffee hasn’t kicked in but I didn’t see much hiccuping. Also just for future reference if you want to show off a bug, do it in the day, with full health. You are adding unnecessary variables into your issue.

My bad, i will upload a video ASAP and edit the post.

i ran into some major spikes

well, i think the lags are gone, rarely i got a lag spike, by the way, i have a render bug, when i come close to wood walls, doors,etc the texture flick a little bit, normal?