Anyone with Multiplay server problems in UK?

Hi, i have a server with Multiplay and there were problems before like, once it goes past the 70 players would get very unstable (they sell up to 200 slot) i think it improved slightly this problem.
But this time its insane, the server starts, runs for like 5 minutes then restarts a few times then just dies, wont restart just stays like that untill i start it, im not always here.
Its unplaylable, we had a nice group of frequent people, 50+, been 2 days and just keeps doing the same, contact them, (after a few hours and i know it takes time) reply was “should be ok now”, but no its not got worst, im waiting again for another reply to my feedback.
Ill lose all the players in here, i understand them if they move on. I neveer advertised my server anywhere people just appeared, liked it and stayed. record was 92 out of 100.
Now do you have problems too?
Its based in UK if it helps. They had DDOS attacks the other day maybe the same again?
Im not having a rant, i understand things can go wrong, even know its annoying/frustrating :slight_smile:

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please? :slight_smile:

almost 24 hours and no repky to my support ticket, really? server been dead for about 48 hours.
really frustrating as im losing my nice player community

Check your action log in clanforge. It should state in there why the server is restarting.

Happened to our server a few weeks ago and they moved us to another machine eventually.

is using too much memory for 0/1 (yes zero!) players.
the problem is that they said it was ok and it wasnt, and now taking ages ages again to reply to my second message.

well thats Multiplay for you