Anyone with Nitrous networks GSP and running mods. step in please.

I own two servers. One with FPS and one with Nitrous. FPS have the mods that I use already ready to go in the control panel; (Rust++, Leather, DropParty,and Limited Sleepers) So the install is quite easy.

Now on my Nitrous server the only mod that I use that is already setup in the control panel is Rust++ and here lays my problem. I can’t seem to get leather, dropparty, limited sleepers or any combination of the three to work.

I could tell you the steps I take but I don’t want to drag this post out. I will say that depending on when I install rust++ it either works or doesnt work. I do have rust++ working right now though.

So my question is? What are the steps you take with a completely wiped server to get all of these mods working together? Maybe something you do will be different from what I’ve done and I can solve my problem.

I will say that once I upload the leather files to the file manager and download the main data file to cook with furnace; I drag the main data into the same folder as furnace and then click the furnace exe, a small black (dos style) box pops up and then immediately goes away before I can see anything on it at all. I don’t know if this is supposed to happen or if I should see a message telling me its been cooked? Maybe this is where my issue is happening? The box just pops in and out so fast.

Beats me…but any help would be appreciated.

One of my admins deals with adding mods to our server and all the editing etc. We are using rust++ at the moment so when I get home I’ll ask him to reply here if you haven’t already got your answer. You could make a support ticket if you haven’t already, they seem to help us a lot when needed.