Anyone with Sniping trouble or Bad Graphics ?

So currently in my opinion the Bolt gives its users the Superior advantage. But since the game must be run for most of us ( non alien-ware users :stuck_out_tongue: ) in the lowest graphics possible. To me people look like 4 pixels on my screen but to others a simple Character figure, its impossible to actually hit someone while hidden in the grass or moutains. To me thats what is funny not to annoy them but mostly its the element of surprise that no many games offer.

Does anyone have any Suggestions about changing the render or quality of my Graphics ? ( Im currently using GTX 630 ) and its still impossible to tell a person from a deer on lowest playable graphics
How do you play the Bolt action rifle ? Do you stealth in a hill ? If so then how ? Build a hut ? Build a Sniper Roof in plain site ? Hide in grass ? Or just run infront and hope for the best ?
Any programs ?

One of the questions that hit me the most is at night when people spike there monitors gamma quality. Is this a bannable offence cause the only advantage it gives is Night vision which will obviously be implanted a long time from now but it doesnt give you any sort of advantage ?

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If I would own a server and you would modify your gamma I would ban you, yes.

First you say it gives an advantage, then you say it doesn’t… Come on…

I own a ROG and its just fine :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even need to state this clearly for you as I said a Vision advantage or An advantage which gives separates you from the rest

You don’t need, hum? Well, then let me do it:
There are torches and flash-lights for a reason! It should be dangerous to walk around at night, you have to choose between not seeing anything or being a possible target for other players. So seeing anything while not being a possible target is an advantage that seperates you from the rest.

With your attitude aim-bots are no cheats, too, cause they only give you more skill which you would get while playing legit sometime in the future, too (and that’s for real while nobody at facepunch has confirmed that a night vision tool will be added to the game).

The range of
Torches and flashlights are terrible. Instead of
Locating ones position you are giving away your own.

Isn’t that exactly what I described:

I don’t know how to explain it any more clear than that. It is a unfair advantage over other players.

Please don’t even think about replying “but others are doing it, too” cause that’s never a excuse for cheating.

//EDIT: Also there are flairs that you can throw far away. The bad thing is they act like signal rockets, so giving your position, too. But, again, it has to be like that.

To learn how to use the BAR go to a PVP server that starts right away with m4 and BAR. I strongly recommend doing this because it’s not as easy as it seems to shoot with those weapons. You will see in normal servers that people tend to shoot really awful with this guns when they have no experience, and tend to freak out a lot!

Sniping in Rust is a bit…odd. Some tips i can give you:

1.- Hide in the bush. you will be amazed by how many ppl won’t see you there.
2.- If you are going to snipe from a mountain PLEASE DONT STAND ON TOP OF IT. search a spot where your body is covered by a mountain and your silhouette is hidden.
3.- Use the shadows, hide in them. Kevlar is good because it’s black and a little harder to see at night.
4.- There is no bullet drop in rust, aim straight to the head.
5.- get used to the range of the BAR, it’s not super long so…don’t try to snipe from the other side of the map.
6.- Silencer hides your shot but reduces your range. Have that in mind.
7.-If someone is running towards you DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE QUARTERS USING THE BAR. you will 99% loose, unless you got a lucky headshot. Run, hide, flank and get him.
8.- If someone see you…move from that spot. Flank him. It’s all about who lands the first shoot and have the best position.
9.- Shoot and hide, you shouldn’t reveal your position.
10.- Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, and keep practicing.

Hope this helps you.