Anyone wanna play fretta???On GMOD

Ehh… What? Is this supposed to be a game invitation?

Would it kill you to use a descriptive title? And no, I do not want to play Fretta with you Mr. “XownageX.” Maybe in 10 years once you reach puberty and develop some sense.

You should ask this to Steam friends. :stuck_out_tongue:

None of them r on


ANd why even bother answering if your gonna be an ass

Because people try making these threads but don’t succeed. We are trying to give you advice, or at least I am.

Fix your grammar and just join some Fretta server.

I would never play with a retarded brain-dead immature 10 year old, who cannot spell, has no brain and has Xs in the beginning or end of his name, or has more than one X in his name.

Because if you don’t realize what you’re doing wrong, such as everything, you won’t change.