Anything can be done about these fake server frauds?

This guy is Creating Fake Servers from fellow members servers.
What kinda crap is that? Is there anything that can be done about this?
I will not use or support any add-on he creates and I would check also if you are a server owner to see if He fakes your servers also to direct your player traffic to his!

ᅠgo on
ᅠ:and type EchoValley
What a fraud this guy is!

GooberGrape: comeone rick why are you using my servers?
GooberGrape: im a small server why would you do that to my little server?
GooberGrape: you will get a bad name on all the communities now
GooberGrape: no one will trust you
GooberGrape: so nothing to say?
Rick: amm…
Rick: I just copied the first available server name.

GooberGrape: please take my server off
Rick: 10$ :smiley:
Rick: I already do that
Rick: actually
GooberGrape: you did take it down?
Rick: yep
Rick: I did
Rick: no thx
He is stealing like 40 names just with server ip
You can probably add more with this ip:

I noticed this as well. Typical Russian IMO. Why be legit when you can cheat

Do you have the IP and port he uses for his main server?

It annoys me to think of a fellow countryman committing these acts…

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I count 467 fake server entries, according to .

I take it this crap is going to carry on with the new Rust too? There is already one fake Experimental server from what I can see.

From old rust they are came into new. If devs not fix this problem, new rust die like prev

No new rust actually detect fake players count when you launch the server.
I tried to reproduce it and it gave me an error saying that the function, that handles the servers information, was éditéd.
Then the server didnt show up in the master list.
I guess they did learn from all the exploits that exist on legacy.

I reproduced it not for use, it was just to check if it was possible on the new rust!
I fight at 100% agaisnt fake servers!!

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And you can find the real server by searching:
Name: BEARZ, and filter by Legit

Hostname: BEARZ.RU :: EVOLUTION OF NAKED GUYS (all resources /kit stater
Players: 202
WARNING This server is legit but uses 76 or more fake servers to populate their server

Also known as “bearzru”, “Bearz.”, “Entropos” profile under his signature
hes saying he is hosted by GS when in fact he is not." Check out my Voter Reward and Ping plugins. My server hosted by"
this guy is a fraud. hes also connect to Bombardir , Kemhost, runs

I just want to give everyone who pay and work hard to provide a server for fun to have a heads up
on these cheaters with their fake servers and this guy is one of the worst because he preys on fellow members servers to attempt to fill his own which is not fair to the players or the server owners
and he has threatened me already saying I made a Big mistake for these posts!.