Anyway this can be coded in for Darkrp

I was wondering if it was possible to restrict certain jobs to only be accessible when a lockdown is initiated, and relegated back to the previous job when it’s over.

For example, you’re a normal civil protection unit and a lockdown is initiated allowing you to choose the overwatch job. Once the lockdown is over, you’re demoted back to the civil protection job you had

NeedToChangeFrom = TEAM_POLICE,
customCheck = function(ply) return GetGlobalBool("DarkRP_LockDown") end,
CustomCheckFailMsg = "There is no lockdown in effect!",

try sticking this in your overwatch job fields. it’ll do what you want as far as ‘you cant go overwatch unless theres a lockdown’ but it won’t auto-demote. i think you’d have to tinker with more beyond that.

if you want overwatch to demote when killed, you can put this in the job fields as well

PlayerDeath = function(ply, weapon, killer)
		ply:changeTeam(TEAM_POLICE, true)

Alright, thanks for helping me out