Anyway to disable workshop dupes on a server?

Title says it all, I have been having some server lag problems due to people constantly spawning dupes.

On a side note, when did creativity die in garry’s mod? All I have seen for the past day or two is the same dupes used by so many different people its ridiculous, people seem to have stopped wanting to build anything themselves.

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Just forget it, blocked my duplicator tool for the time being.

Open this directory “garrysmod/gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/spawnmenu/creationmenu/content/contenttypes”
and look for a file called “dupes.lua”
Open this file and look for a function called ‘function ws_dupe:DownloadAndArm( id )’
Modify the code to look like the following

function ws_dupe:DownloadAndArm( id )
	chat.AddText(Color(255,0,0), "Spawning dupes from the workshop has been disabled. You can still spawn your own saved dupes")
	--MsgN( "Downloading Dupe...
" )
	--steamworks.Download( id, true, function( name )

		--MsgN( "Finished - arming!
" )
		--ws_dupe:Arm( name ); 

        --end )


For the chat.AddText, you can change the color and the text to what you want.
The ‘–’ infront of the lines are comments. Just incase you want to re-enable the workshop dupes in the future just remove the ‘–’.
When someone tries to download a dupe from the workshop, it will just display the message.

Thanks man, props to you.

It works now, thanks for your help