Anyway to downgrade versions?

New update just happened and I can’t find a server to join, is there anyway to downgrade too old version?

no, we move forward.

(Obligatory :v:)

Hahahahaha this just made my day. XD!

Lol, all joking aside, I don’t believe you can. Just wait a day, everyone should be updated by then :smile:

Edit: actually, assuming you are on the dev branch of the game, if you opt out of the beta, I am sure you will technically be downgraded, since from what I have heard, the update isn’t live yet except for the developer beta.

It’s making may stay on dev branch :(. I don’t have option to change.

It’s been a while but, i don’t remember this being a huge download. I would just delete local content and reinstall.

Just switch back the Dev version to the old one and the steam start downloading the Nov. 22 version.

If your game is open you can’t change it, you have to close the game, go out of dev branch which will make you redownload the old files, voila!