Anyway to reset your garrys mod to default?

Im new here on facepunch and i need to know if theres anyway i could reset my garrys mod game to default. this includes addon ive downloaded and stuff. i know i can delete the contents of the add-on folder but it still keeps various other pieces of infomation like maps and prop lists.

Any help at all would be great.

Many Thanks


You can extract files from addon folder to according garrysmod folder
from garrysmod>addons>maps
to garrysmod>maps
Same goes to other files

Also - don’t sign your posts

Sorry with the signing, im new so i ned more explanation how to do it.i wannt to takeall the maps off, all the prop list off and all the add ons.

Delete the folder C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<your steam account name>\garry’s mod

It will be re-created when you start Garry’s Mod the next time

If you want to keep some addons, I would suggest simply renaming the steamapps<your steam account name>\garrysmod folder.

That way it will redownload, but you can copy over maps later.

ive had a think and after seeing nearly all my previous maps go to purple and black squares and loosing my counterstrike weapons i really want to start from the begining.Is it possible to download it again from steam without it charging me again?? if so how?? many thanks goes to the facepunch community for helping such a noob out. x).

You can download any steam game as many times as you want.

so what do i do, delte from the directory via windows explorer i cant see any option on steam to redownload, or it downloads automatically when i delete it?? thanks for helping me

Can you link us your steam page, please?

For christ sake man, all you need to do is go to the directory in Windows Explorer Delete or rename the 2nd “garrysmod” folder and start the game than re-download what you want and what you don’t…

Change Garry’sMod/Garry’sMod to Garry’sMod/Garry’sMod2 And Start the Game