Anyway to run this game at 4k?

I only have 4k displays and Rust in the past few months has came out with a bunch of updates and it’s near impossible for me to play at 4k resolution @ 60fps.
I have two GTX 980s but of course Rust doesn’t support SLI so I have to use only one card - even at near lowest settings I get terrible frame rates and frame drops.

Will this be resolved/optimized on beta/release or will SLI ever get supported? I really want to play Rust but running at non-native resolutions on my monitors don’t look appealing.

i run at 4k most of the time single 780 ti.

Yeah, I’ve even used a 780 Ti in the past. What frame rates were you getting at what settings?


playing normal i drop to 2k

Yeah see, I find that unplayable. It’s a shame

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Okay well I get 30-40 now maxed out, turns out I just had to manually disable SLI - it was causing issues.
However I still find that annoying, 60fps would be great.

Hell yeah 40 Fps far to less… #Sarcasm

for an fps that’s very low, but I guess that’s the sacrifice a good res gets.