Anyway to stop all the spawnlist folders in addons to be added everytime I delete them?

So because I got the Valve Complete pack all the spawnlist addon folders pop up in addons, I don’t like them being there and would prefer it they weren’t added everytime I delete them.

I don’t know if it can be done but maybe I could make a .bat that deletes them when garrysmod closes? I don’t know

Go to “garrysmod\garrysmod\settings\spawnlists” and delete what’s necessary.

I want the spawnlists, it’s just the folders for the spawnlists in addons I don’t want, they’re annoying to me

press escape in game or at the menu click Gmod options and untick all the boxes.

I still want to load all the games content…

Simply hide them.Im sure that there was a way to do it,but cant realy remember it…GOOGLE TAIM! xP

Yea that way works but I have hidden files and folders turned on… I guess I’ll do that. Thanks for reminding me about that feature :smiley: