Anyway to stop steam from unsubscribing removed addons?

Reflecting on what was stated above, I’m tired of logging onto garry’s mod only to see my subscribed mod list has shed off a few addons. I become very paranoid when I am unable to identify what addons were removed, this making me A N G E R Y.

Yesterday I had 1824 addons, today I have 1822. I am incredibly particular about my addon list. Now before anyone posts: ‘Bruh, that’s too many addons.’ Just know I entirely agree with you, I have an addon hoarding addiction.

So, any solution to steam unsubbing/removing my addons?

No, you cannot stop that from happening. It’s not Steam that does it, it’s GMod. When it does happen, the files are not removed and the console has messages related to what addons exactly are unsubbed from.

No “legit” addons are banned. Only malicious(reuploads)/etc addons are removed, which is done to protect your dear self.

You also must not exclude the fact that people can physically delete their own addons from the Workshop and you cannot really differentiate between a deleted addon or a banned one from the mod page.

How exactly do I do this? I cannot seem to open console in the main menu, also I’m not certain what line I’d be looking for. If I know what addons are removed, then I’ll be fine.

You have to go your settings and look at the keyboard controls. From there, you should see a button labeled ‘Advanced…’; click on that, and you should see an option to enable the developer console (by default, it’s unticked). Make sure that’s ticked on, and you should be able to access the console by hitting the tilde/grave key (~).

Keep in mind, the console doesn’t seem to like opening directly on the main menu, so you have to at least go into your settings before opening the console.

Understandable, yet I still don’t know what line in the console I’d be looking for.

to add, just hold the button to open console in the main menu

That’s what I need to know, how the console tells me.