Anyway to use ep2 props in a Portal map?

I’m working on a map, but I don’t have Ep2. I do though have the pine tree models in Gmod. Is there anyway to get them to show up in SDK?

If you don’t have episode 2, you should not.

However, if you just want that pine-tree, just copy/paste it to your portal folder.

Models/foliage I think it is. Copy foliage and move it to your Models folder in your Portal folder. Then find Materials/Models/Foliage in your Garrysmod folder and move the foliage folder to your materials/models in your Portal folder.


Only 2 games? Have not even beaten portal?

I’m disappointed.

What? I have beat Portal. 2 games because I really don’t have the urge for others right now.

he probably finished it in Offline Mode or something

or maybe my save files got deleted. I found it odd my playtime went from 17 hours (mostly map testing) to six.

Buy ep2 and get the models legit.