Anywhere to go for fixing addons after Gmod 13 release? ( Just in Case )

Gary said “Some addons and gamemode will break.”

I’m sure some people are sad and happy about Gmod 13 releasing in September.
Tremendously happy about the new features of Gmod 13, at the same time worried.
Very worried that my addons and SVN downloads not working in Gmod 13. ( The Number 13 isnt the best Lucky number in the world )
Hopefully someone would make a post within Workshop or Facepunch for fixing addons and gamemodes recoding them to work. ( Incase of Gmod 13 breaks it )
Even tho Gmod 13 allows Authors and Coders to quickly update their addons and gamemodes.
I obtain addons of Authors and Coders that are not here in this community anymore. ( No updates unfortunately )
Anyplace of maintaining addons throughout the transition of Gmod 12 to Gmod 13.
Is anyone worried about your addons not working in Gmod 13?

I would like to myself as well as others.

The only things breaking should be lua If I recall correctly.

And even someone with lua experience should be able to fix it, seeing as it’s only a minor change to it, afaik. Something about width and height?

I’d have to reread.