(AOA) All Out Assault---Noob Friendly

Just started the server a few days ago and are looking for some players to friend or foe with.

– ![AOA]! All Out Assault—NoobFriendly—Hackers Get Banhammer—1/2 craft {ACTIVE ADMIN)

Uptime: 99%, no sleepers, 50% crafting speed, active & helpful admins!

  • No Hacking/Exploiting
  • No Spamming
  • Have fun!

Come and join us!!

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Bump it up!!


This is All Out Assaults Base

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When I’m play’n I’m stream’n! http://twitch.tv/phrit

Bump it up and help populate the server. Im playing everyday and i am the admin. IF there is hackers on the server i will kick them that simple. Lets encourage PVP

Hey mate it’s MrSnowman, can’t find you on steam.