AoE of Explosive Charges


I was wondering if explosive charges have an area of effect type of damage.
I’ve got some crates behind a wall I don’t need any more, so I’d like to blow it up.
I wouldn’t want the crates to be destroyed by some freak accident :o
Also, if I ever get to raiding, I don’t want to destroy stuff lying just behind doors / walls.

Does anybody know the answer to this? Thanks!

yes just like grenades things that are close to the blast radius will take damage as well probably not enough damage to destroy things unless placed directly on the object though.

Splash damage of c4 is way less then that of grenades, so don’t worry you will not destroy your crates unless they are allready damaged or you need too much c4 for that wall :wink:


Guess I’ll just hijack my own thread to ask a new question.
I’ve raided a house with a single metal door before.
Once I got inside, I tried replacing the door with my own one, so I would be safe while I went through the loot.
Somehow I couldn’t place a door though (wood or metal).

Is there some sort of cooldown timer at work to prevent people from rebuilding structures if they get blown up? If so, any idea how long it lasts?

P.S.: just blew up that wall and my chests are still fine :slight_smile: They got roughed up a bit by the blast, but that’s it.

yeah there is a cooldown. u can place another door when the block on the floor disappears… its like 4 or 5 minutes cooldown

It is however dickish as hell. Id like to say Im not critizising your way of playing the game, but frankly I am.

If youre strong enough to raid someones house youre miles ahead of them most probably, otherwise youre just starting a war that will destroy the game for the both of you, and if youre ahead by that much, youre just destroying the gameplay experience for that person.

Raiding? Sure. Stealing? Sure. Killing people? Of bloody course.

But stealing someones house is just a lowlife-sort of thing to do. I couldnt sleep well knowing I basically stole like 10-15 hours of someones time and probably made them quit the game just to get ANOTHER house.

You can motivate that by saying its how the game is supposed to be played etc but dude… Boxing is supposed to be beating eachother too, but Mike Tyson wouldnt have a fun time beating up on a 13 year old girl, thats just unempathic.