AotV-Rust PvP/Sleepers/Oxid Fair Admins, Come play and join us , new server!

Hey come check out AotV-Rust PvP/Sleepers/Oxid there are admins that run this that are fair ,helpful , and very active. There is plenty of places to move cause this is a new server. We are helpful and if it’s your first time you will find this to be a great place to learn the game. Come check us out we need more players so if you wanna start with a fresh server now is the time !

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You also get a starter kit, door share , half craft time and rare drops! !

The I.P is easier I think to connect. Remember friendly to new players , new server , fair admins and starter kits! Build in peace and enjoy the game .


Forgot to add that we have door codes and plenty of airdrops etc . Did I mention its new so you can build in peace and learn the game? Come on guys great server to play with ran by a hero clan so very bambi friendly!

U.s server !