AP-1 Light jet airplane.

The AP-1 is my entry for the ‘‘coolest contraption contest’’. I post this infront of schedule because I won´t be home for a month (to not risk doing so after the deadline).

The aircraft a light, highly maneuvrable jet with a cruising speed of 170 km/h. Top speed in level flight is 270 km/h (168 mph). These values are approximations and haven´t been verified.

It does not use the fin tool to fly, instead a E2 calculates lift produced by the wings and tail, based on their area, velocity and angle relative to the direction of motion. I decided to do this because when building it, I forgot to tilt the main wing slightly (4 - 5 degrees). This is nessasary if “no lift” fin is to be used. “lift by plane” fin could be used, but performance would suffer (it produces a strong pitching moment on airplanes at high velocities).

If the expressions on the craft are read, one can see unused inputs. I intended to add onboard stabilization and autopilot. This did not occur because I build it a day before I left my house, finishing it at 4 am. So the build process was rushed.


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Kinda blocky and uninteresting. Try to streamline the shape, or find a picture of a jet on google and model it after that.

It looks awesome and it flys awesome!

Ugly as sin, but looks like it flies alright.

Try making the Artificial Horizon from the adv. Hud indicator - Looks and works much better

Good job though.

When I first saw it, I thought it was rather ugly, but when I looked at it longer, it grew on me. Ultralight jet style.Unfortunately I haven’t gotten anywhere with retracts or fancy huds either, and this uses your fancy lift e2 as apposed to fin right?
It causes me to consider an applyForce/angForce plane. I havent made one in months, opting for fin control. However, fin control can often lag or behave clunckily etc. That looks smooth as hell.

Version 2 needs sexier curves. Increase your prop variety. Good effort though.

Ugly, but flies really nicely.

Am I the only one here who prefers blocky style airplanes?

It’s just the materials that need doing over, in my opinion. Just to split it up a bit. Otherwise, nice work!

The controls and so on are awesome, and so is the e2 lift system thingy, but I sez it looks and flies blocky.

DireAvenger, your avatar confuses me alot

To clear you up Ldesu.

that made it worse
grumpy, how would i make a adb. hud indictor artificial horizon?

I have also tried and failed :p.

I made a P-38 replica, and would like it to have a nice analoge style one, (which probably means I will have to use holos) Any ideas on good methods for an atitude indicator? Now that I am a student pilot in real life, I became very picky about my guages and panels in gmod. I miss my turn coordinator, heading indicator, and atitude inticator. :expressionless: