"Apache is providing airsupport! Permission to move up!"-HQ "GO GO GO!"

Omg 2nd pose in a while, first time drawing blood, this is my first pic with all the effects hand drawn. ::v


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That is some low-flying apache, even if that is the crest of a hill.

Sorry, I know it doesn’t make for exciting pictures, but Apaches offer fire-support against infantry from as much as a kilometre away from many hundreds of feet up.

Against heavy armour or air-defence systems the engagement distance would be, although at varying lower altitudes, even further away.

nope sorry

Elaborate, please, because AH-64 =/= A-10 and M230 =/= GAU-8.

Not too bad of a job on that muzzleflash.

I couldn’t find a picture of a M230 firing so I thought the GAU8 would suffice because, guess what, the physics of firearms doesn’t suddenly change based on a slight pedantic difference in the weapon model. They’re both 30mm mister “I’m so clever I know the names of cannons”.

End of the day - you can barely see muzzleflashes at all in daylight so, no, the muzzleflash in this picture is not “realistic” at all no matter what model of firearm it is.

This is for the same reason a torch does fuck all in day-light. If you take a lightsource that is weaker than the main lightsource, ie. DA SUN, there will be a tiny, tiny effect if any at all.

Physics, bro.

PS. Looks a bit silly if you rate me dumb and then ask me to “elaborate”. That’s like saying “I don’t fully understand your point yet so I will rate you dumb.”

Of course, the M44 carbine is a fucking flamethrower no matter the lighting conditions. Sergei Mosin gave no fucks.

Chesty’s right; Apaches seldom put themselves close to the danger, let alone that close. The muzzle flash would also be little more than a cloud of smoke, carbon, and unburnt powder, which would be blowing back over the gun if the Apache was moving (like it is in the picture). If you’re going to have something coming in fairly low and blowing the shit out of everything, stick with the A-10.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: on the early MiG-9 variants, the pilot couldn’t fire the main gun at certain altitudes because the detritus ejected from the muzzle would be sucked back into the engine, and at those altitudes the engine didn’t take much to cut out.

The only time an Apache would be THAT close is if it was coming in hot w/ FFAR.
And even then, not maybe even that close.
and how is taht dude on the right being shot tehres no enemies in view and if it was from behind those soldiers must be as good as french conscripts

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firing support on those trees

“Sir, why are we firing at trees?”, “BECAUSE WE CAN!”