Apache makes a dangerously low run on a T72 (stitching experiment)

Not really happy with the explosion but, as the title implies, I was more interested in seeing what I could do with stitching:


Made on gm_flatgrass-2008.

C&C please and thanks,

PS. Right click and “view picture” (or your browser’s equivalent) to view the picture bigger/smaller.

I don’t know which one to comment!

Looks good, though.

Reminds me of a sidescroller.
Good job.

Hey Chesty, nice pic you’ve got there. Don’t exactly remember since when I haven’t seen such a solid stitch.

And that, can you share the source of that explosion? I’m in need of cool explosions, smoke and stuff…

[http://images.google.fi/images?hl=fi&um=1&sa=1&q=Explosion&btnG=Kuvahaku&aq=f&oq=](Hurr Try google)

I used this for this particular picture:

Try searching for different things other than “explosion” (you tend to just get nuke explosions). To get this I searched for “mortar explosion”.

Oh thanks.

I’ve searched and many diffirent things… I’ve gone so-o far, even crossed the line: used the “BOOM” to search…

Any more comments?

Nice, I like the explosion, no matter that you don’t.

Hahah thank you.


Yea, you actually did an excellent job making it glow. The cutout could be a little better (I don’t blame you because cutting out smoke is a bitch) but you still did a pretty nice job!

Also, crazy stitching. How many pictures was that?

Sharpness filter or bad bump-mapping? You decide.

That’s fucking epic, have an artistic and my babies!

A smoketrail from the helicopter to the tank would look nice.

Yeah it’s the smoke that I really don’t like. I’m quite proud of the fiery bit though.

Um… four 1024x768 pictures in total. The picture was 4096x768 before I cropped a little bit off the bottom. In reality it should be much bigger (in both width and length) because a helicopter would never attack like this but fuck realism and I doubt anyone would want to look at a 10,240x3072 picture where 90% of it is countryside.

Neither. I think it’s just the model.

500 BABIES. I was thinking about doing a smoke trail to show that rockets or a missile has been fired. In the end though I wasn’t sure whether the chopper was in line with the tank so I just settled for using the gun.

In other news I might re-edit just one section of the picture, the part with the tractor in the background, because I think it’s quite nice on its own.

wuts a stitch

It’s where you take multiple pictures and “stitch” them together in Photoshop (or GIMP in this case) to make one huge picture. Doing it from a side-on view (like in the picture in this thread) is more difficult than doing it as a panoramic picture.

Nice stitch! But your right, that explosion is awful :v:

Heeeeeey I didn’t go that far and say it’s “awful”. I’ve seen a lot worse.

Don’t know why do you think the explosion is… not good? “Not-making-you-happy”? Anyway, I think that explosion is nice and fitting well. The only thing is that there’s no much light from it over the place, so…