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your best yet
there’s some harsh aliasing, but i really like it!


that’s actually really quite nice

it’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago we spent a whole thread laughing at your rain edit

Improvement levels are rising.

How the hell did you get this good.

Damn Man, You’re improving…

Thank you guys!

Haha, nice work, gotta love that guy in the tree!

Death to the white man!

Ohmygod, I cannot tear my eyes away from the Engi in the tree making his rapeface. I literally fell out of my chair laughing at that.

Semi-related I really like the build you did for the Soldier. Digging the shoulder-pauldron-feather-mabobs.

Thank you

Great now i want a tomahawk swep for Gmod, one that can be used for melee and thrown at klieners

Thanks op just thanks…

great work by the way

Excellent picture you got here! My only complaint is the Engie’s glove and there isn’t really anything you could’ve done about that. I must also say, excellent choice of music too.

Thank you ;D