APAnti No Longer Works

I’ve reinstalled multiple times, edited config, but nothing seems to be working.

APAnti gives one error whenever my server is launched, and then the anti prop kill aspect never works. Props stay unghosted upon pickup (no matter what I set the setting to).

I’ve instead begun using APG, but I’ve found that it has a lot of drawbacks when it comes to fading doors.

Why do you come to this forums to say that APAnti doesnt work? You should instead contact the author of that addon…

You should contact the author of the script like geferon said, if you actually even own it.

Otherwise you’re not going to find help here.

I mean I’m just mentioning it because it appears to work for everyone else, but alright.

If that is the case try making a vanilla server just with that addon and see if it works. If it does then an addon is conflicting with it probably, if its not then i dont know how other servers can have the working version, maybe you’re taking another addon by this one.

Use a different anticrash.


it’s free lul