Apartment Complex ( TeamPewPew.com)





lol, nice.

sweet man

That is some serious craftsmen ship and planning.

What is the very top of the building?

Lots of camp fires

the lifeless bodies of a thousand satanically sacrificed guests stained in goat flesh and dead babies

lol people are playing this like minecraft? eh, looks cool i guess.

It´s, its beautifull! _

reminds me of the hotel in fallout 3

Tenpenny Tower :smiley:

It does look cool. Rather think it looks pretty badass. And why are you surprised that a game that allows creativity will reveal creative people?

So when do we summon Gozer? We need a gatekeeper and a keymaster.

Looks nice mate! For those who want to join us on this server go to www.teampewpew.com for more info

IP :

YES Ghostbusters!

its a shame its going to decay

why is it going to decay? me and Mexoher lives there :slight_smile:

How much for a 2 bedroom?

I’m sure the raiders will be faster.

haven’t been raided yet :slight_smile:

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one million a week