Apartment map I'm working on

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been working on a map for sandbox, I’m thinking about expanding it and creating a full apartment complex. I have made a video showing off what I’ve been working on,
I hope you all like it!


Looking good! Some of the lighting seems like it needs less harsh lighting, maybe add some ambient light next to some objects and add some trim to the floor and ceiling.

yeah your right about the shadows lol

a few things i could recomend that could make it feel better imo is small things that will make it feel less boxy
so like windows, more decorations on big open walls and the ceiling which wont make them feel like a massive cube around you.

also for the opening between the living room and the kitchen add a little lip on the wall at the top, that way they feel more like separate rooms, but also still makes it really open, it technically does not do much, but for some reason i feel like it makes things look nicer somehow.

like this sort of thing

also i dont know if its me but i kinda feel like the ceiling is a bit low? like the lamp feels like it goes a bit too close the the ceiling which makes it feel kind of stuffy and off?

although they are just a couple of opinions of mine, others may differ.

Thank you for feedback, ill be sure to add that:)

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Very good