APB - All Points Bulletin game models EXPORT (Help needed with 3d ripper dx)

After doing some google searching, I found out that there have been models ripped from this game (APB), with 3D ripper DX, Im running x86 operative system and I always get this error, maybe Im not doing something I should?
If anyone can help, Ill later make a pack of all models, rigged, and put it up for download.


NinjaRipper… use it.

This game runs on unreal 3 engine. You can export models using umodel.

Are you trying to get a custom character out, or something default?

this game can extracted

only default models such as weapons and the contacts can be actually, custom players are built with a pretty crazy custom system based on a single model for each sex

the only character parts you can get out with umodel are literally pouches and stuff

Custom players/characters can’t be extracted… The NPCs can be extracted.

You’re welcome.

that’s exactly what he said

you’re coming off as a serious prick

yeah a serious prick who definitely needs glasses. my misreading… my bad.

Sorry guys, somehow the notification of this thread was off without me knowing it… and yes, I was trying to get NPC characters out, like the one artworkplay posted above, I was trying to port Zombie for starters but half his face was missing, plus the UV maps weren’t there either when using Ninja Ripper… I tried umodel, but never got to know all the documentation for correctly porting it… i guess i’ll try it again, expect to see some NPCs and weapons soon, when i figure it out

Didn’t H4lf-D3ad extract his character? I’m pretty sure he used it as his perskin for a short period.

he ripped it

After my upgrade to WIN8 my 3dripper dont works (with XP it worked fine with APBR) !! what i can do? (i tryed to run program with old release of winXP, included in WIN8, but still dont work!)
maybe is a problem cause APB reloaded dont run in Directx9 ?

Garry should implement a deep character editor like APB has.
Oh and a far cry map editor.

One can dream… :smile:

I wonder…

Can the vehicle models be ripped from APB:Reloaded? I’m pretty sure someone would want to port one or two of those to SCars or something.