APB all points bulletin Models

Can anyone port Ragdolls and a few more guns from APB? I know there are already some cars and some weapons on Gmod.org.


The only method of porting from the Unreal engine - ie the one APB uses - does not currently support ripping from APB files.

Oh alright then

Wondered how long it would take for someone to request this :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it does.

Edit: From the readme.

Well that is good news.

Doubt anyone will be able to get ragdolls from it though, as it has facegen type things not static models.

Edit: Then again I haven’t tried yet so who knows ^^

Well i played it this morning and looked it up on facepunch so i thought that people show do ragdolls.

How can you say it isn’t possible when the OP specifically says there already have been things ripped from the game and put on garrysmod.org? Read with your eyes.