APB - All Points Bulletin

Well not much to say other than it’s just some cars and weapons for garrysmod ripped from APB.

Download Links.


Just put all the folders in garrysmod archive.
For example C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\STEAMNAME\Garrysmod\garrysmod

Cya next time.

Here is some screenshots and there’s more in the .rar.




dem some KRAAAZZZY guns

Fuck ya the a-team van!

What the fuck, how did you manage to get stuff from it?

I bet 3D ripper dx.

Lol you just violated the NDA in almost every way.

Yup I used the 3d Ripper :v:

And broke Jaanus’ rule of not having “[RELEASE]” in the thread title.

These are fucking awesome, thanks man.

I used the Vegas car in a pose of mine, check it:

Looks really awesome man.

Also I remembered the [Release] stuff after I made the thread and as a normal user I can’t change it huh?

Needs more playermodels, but good.

Great job, now I want this game even more. :downs:

Awesome cant wait to get this game :buddy: Can u port ragdolls?

Well the beta has already ended but I ported my player model. I don’t really know if I got any pedestrian or someone else, sry.

YES! a “wannabe” mustang from Death race… sweet!

Are u gonna release your playermodel?

Yes, **YOU **ported your playermodel. :v:

I’ve been wondering how you used dx ripper, when I try I always get an error