APB CP Radio and Dispatch

Well, my first real release, although I’ve been scripting Lua for GMod for a while now. I’m one of the 3 guys working on PNRP. Thought I’d release a beta of some of my personal work. ^^

As it says, it’s a radio system to be used for CPs. Not for any gamemode in particular, can be used just about anywhere, if you do the work to integrate it. Always thought it’d work especially well with DarkRP (however much I hate it, sometimes XD ). Keep in mind though, it is beta, and has a few bugs I do need to work out, but I posted late night on a whim. Just wanted to see some feedback on it.

DOWNLOAD AND INFORMATION: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=107626

README (a lazy cut and paste):

Hey!  Your friendly everyday dev here!  I just developed this for fun, maybe a future addon to DarkRP or

Put simply, it's a "police radio" system.  Just a bit of derma, some playin' around.  Uses the sounds for
comms.  Figured out that HL2 actually uses the real police call codes!  Thought that was kind of cool.

A few things to note.  The sound files are from the Source mod NEOTOKYO.  They are just there as 
placeholders!  Don't rage on my for it!  NEOTOKYO was the major influance for the addon as it is (despite its
flaws).  Everything else was all me.  Hope you enjoy the beta.

And since it's a beta, keep in mind it's incomplete and some commands aren't very intuitive yet.  Just how it


Purpose			| Command			| Description
Setting Rank		 APB_SetLevel <name> <rank>	 Pretty simple, really.  Admins can set people's ranks.
							 <name> is the player's EXACT name.  Just copy/paste from a
							 status command.  Rank is an integer 0-4.  List goes like this:
							 0 - Citizen
							 1 - Officer
							 2 - Dispatcher
							 3 - Sergeant
							 4 - Captain
							 Other then dispatcher, no real difference between the police
							 ranks right now.

Spawning a Radio	 APB_createradio		 If your rank is 2 (or dispatcher), spawns a radio at the 
							 position of your cursor.  ONLY dispatchers can use this, not 
							 higher ranks.

Using the Radio		 +APB_Radio			 You have to bind this one.  Just bind it to whatever key you 
							 want your radio menu to be on.  It's pretty self explanatory
							 once you have it open.  Custom radio messages can be used as 
							 well with the obvious button.  Dispatchers can use this, but
							 their actual dispatches are sent from the radio they spawn.
							 Just press 'E' on the radio.

Using Tactical Cloak	 APB_ToggleCloak		 Right now, just turns on your tactical cloak (if you're an 
							 officer).  Similar in style to Ghost in the Shell's 
							 thermoptic camo, and similar in design to NEOTOKYO's own 
							 system.  Generally good idea to bind this command.  Once 
							 pressed, your cloak comes on.  It's only on for 9 seconds, 
							 so it was really designed for breaching exercises.  After 
							 it runs out, it takes 30 seconds to charge back up.  You 
							 are slightly more visible when moving, and alot more visible
							 when attacking (even though muzzle flash is probably enough).
							 In later versions, this will actually toggle it, so you can
							 use a little, turn it off, then use it again.


	Pretty easy really.  Add a new command you can use as a police officer by doing this in autorun/voices.lua:
		AddCPCode( code, description, soundpath, length, text )
		Right now, you also have to add them to the menu in apb_cl.lua, but that'll be fixed later.
	Adding a new call to the dispatcher radio is easy, too (in autorun/voices.lua):
		AddDispatchCode( code, description, soundpath, length, text )
		Pretty simple.  Adds a basic code, just a number call like "605" or whatever.
		AddDispatchComm( code, description, soundpath, length, text, coded, suspect )
		Little more complicated, but useful.  coded is a boolean for whether it takes a code or not.  suspect
		is for whether it takes a suspect or not.

Looks cool, I’ll try it later.

Added some screenshots to the download link. Should give a better idea of what it is.

Verry cool addon :slight_smile: