Aperture Game Design Document for the Coming Gamemode

View it here and leave us some feedback, cheers!

By UchihaItachi and Apelata.

Why did you make this thread?

Because its a comming Gamemode, and we want to know what YOU think, cheers!


Me and Apelata made the GDD, thank you very much, Conna was just very happy posting it, so we decided why not make its own thread for its achievements!

Apelata and UchihaItachi made the document, not Conna… FYI

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They have the right to post it themselves…

Am I looking at a polished google document about a themed roleplay gamemode; on a subject that will just get all the players wanting to be the most important characters. Not a ‘scientist’, since all he will do is walk around doing nothing?

Not to forget it’s a gamemode that probably never get done.

Aperture is the last installment of the Experiment series and most of it is done already.

Oh is that why there’s a server up for it? Didn’t see the IP… xD



if most of it is done already, care to share some screenshots as a proof?

There was a beta server up last August. This is legit, these two are my game designers.

Im actually quite excited to get this gamemode. I already bought it, just waiting for release. New media would be nice.