Aperture Roleplay (eXperim3nt) // aP

Back soon lads.

Website under development:


Cool, I’ll join later!

I guess we are supposed to roleplay as Aperture employee’s?
Maybe have a map that is more like the Aperture science lab’s?

Na, it’s eXperim3nt so it really should be played on a city map. Kinda hard to explain but basically you’re part of an experiment in a city where you’re kind of a test subject and Aperture Science Labs have put you in with a ton of other people in this city to see what happens.

You get special abilities and things, go try it :smiley:

Your a test subject in an Aperture Science experiment.

I do believe that that is precisely what I said.

Very fun, exiting, and adrenaline pumping. You all should try it.

I’m sure the owner told you to post this.

I’m sure you got nothing else to do than trolling this thread.

Do you need a admin in the time zone of Australia?

We dont just pick admins like that.
We carefully pick the ones that we believe could fit the status as a responsible admin.

By the way. You’re grammar.

I’m surprised this server has 14 people on it at the moment, it’s not everyday that you see a server posted on Facepunch that gets people in it.


Did i say i was applying

I said do you need an admin in the time zone of Australia

Sarcasm to the rescue

You did say a admin but whatever.

Yes we could use admins in australian timezones.
But it is not that we require any.

True, but the players you see on it right now, are most of our regulars.

Ok i’m joining the server

Shit load of files but i’m excited

Don’t let me down Yakuza.

I wont.
Press this to get a faster download of those files

Download Materials & Models

A bit late.

But the Script in this server is bloody brilliant

Good start up

The only problem is that I got fist whore but a gang of black people ( And I’m not lying)

It just need’s better players.

  • EDIT -

Added a link for the downloads and shizz to stop people asking :smiley:

@Yak: Irony is a bitch eh?

As a general rule of thumb, stay away from players who have black models, 90% of the time they are minges.

Il be on in 2 mins to moderate. Make sure you report any RDMs/Fail Roleplays

Im guna try this out looks interesting.

Metagaming should’t be allowed and OOC is spelt wrong in the rules.