Aperture Roleplay IV - Phase Four

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Hey there,

Yes, were back again (for the 4th time) and this time we’re even better than the last time that I said we were better.

For those of you who have never heard of aP (Aperture Roleplay), we are a small community of Garrysmod RPing enthusiasts who just wanna play without all the non-discrepancies.

We’ve started off with a script called ‘Phase Four’ (previously named eXperim3nt) but we’re obviously looking to expand to other, more serious roleplaying scripts and gamemodes with a twist. We’ve set out with the tough and sobering target of bringing back eXperim3nt/Phase Four from the jaws of mingeiness.

As a community we are much like others apart from the fact that we strive to become incorporated with non-staff members of the community. Unlike other similar communities, Operators and Administrators are totally banned from playing together when more than 15 players are online.

Furthermore, we try to make decisions based upon players opinion and not what we want ourselves. We hold a community meeting once every two weeks on Teamspeak to see what everyone is saying.

So yer, hope you can come and help us by playing along.



As I said before, aP is based upon sharing the opinions of it’s player base and making decisions based upon what they think. We welcome any suggestions (no matter how radical) so long as they have some reasoning attached.

We like to keep the forums very free. Unlike almost all other communities, we allow constructive criticism so long as it has just the tiniest bit of reasoning. (many consider this kind of ‘reasoning’ to be flaming). Whilst we do have moderators on the forums, their jobs are very relaxed and most of the time we deal with spam and threads in the wrong places.

We have a developer for both the website (unfinished) and the script. We also work with a couple of mappers who might begin work on a custom map, a graphics design artist, flash developer and various other handy-people. All our developers are volunteers and are not paid.

We do offer donator privileges on our server but all money made from these donations are kept within Aperture and spent on hosting etc.

• Set yourself up a base with some mates:
• Go buy some guns off various vendors or craft your own: (if your engineering skill is high enough)
• Train to increase your attributes
• Raid those guys who live across the street from you:
• Explore the huge map
• Mug some innocent people crossing the street

The retort to this is, inevitably, coming from me, no. We’ll be honest, we were preparing for a huge RDMing war with no respect of NLR, people running around in huge suits of armor toting AK-47s and stealing money from all the new starters.

We’ve been quite lucky in my opinion, so far we’ve seen nothing of the sort. People usually keep their bullets to themselves and most fighting is done with reasons more than: “I like the look of that guy’s baseball bat, lets go kill him for it.” I would partially put this down to our excellent staffing team but I think that the guys that play have learned that killing one person is only going to end up in your base being raided by their friends - it’s a careful balance.

Augments: perk-like abilities that increase your characters potential for good or evil deeds.

Safeboxes: can be used to safely store items. Placed in various strategic locations around the map

The Blue Merc Suit: just one of the 20+ suits of armour available for purchase

Generators: can be used to create money. The bigger the producer, the more it makes, but then the harder it is to defend

Crafting Menu: can be used to ‘craft’ over 65 different items and counting




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Looks nice.


That schematic took me over an hour.

Hope it pays off.

So…It’s light RP.
Hm, not interested.
Awesome work on the schematic tho. :cheers:

You need to update the server.

If it’s something like eXperim3nt, it is cool. I love serious roleplaying, but this looks cool too.

Yer, LightRP has been tainted a lot over the years. Hope to do things differently.

But then everyone says that.

Erm, what sorry?

This looks awesome, joining in 2 sec :smiley:

A gmod update just got released about 10mins ago?

You’ll have trouble doing that seeing as it’s not open for 4 hours :smiley:

Fair play, thought you were talking about Blue Print.

Fuck yes, will play this


This community is great and i recommend them. Awesome work!

Hey, its the laughing stock of the customer forum that can’t even make up a community name.

Axiom get’s all the ladies going with his cool assed community and 1000 post count.

This looks very interesting, I really liked the schematic you made.

That’s not really nice thing to say.

Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Let him have his laugh, it’s all he gets. Sitting on his PC 24/7

Says the guy with a Community named Thermal Gaming. Probably the most generic name I’ve ever heard. Also every post I read about you is stuffed with bullshit.

Or lack of there-of?

He saw my name and my pure awesomeness made him want to make a community after me.