Aperture Science Hazmat Revisit

Due to the fact that interest in this never seems to go away, I was inspired to give this some better normal maps, and maybe update the phong some more.

Using l4d style phong.

Since my skill has improved 10fold since he asked, I answer, yes.


White version WIP


Slowly getting there.

Please tell me that’s your normal map…

If it isn’t, then why is it not white?


Could you be any ruder?

It is not the normal map, and it is not pure white because pure white is really f’ing boring. So it has a blue tint, it’s still sterile looking. Sorry if that broke your heart, hate to be the bringer of bad news.

Looks good.

You could’ve made it yellow with a black Bio mark, or a hazard/nuclear/radio

And what besides the logo plastered onto his back makes this even relate to Aperture Science? Even I can put a logo on a models back. Look I made a Mc.Donald’s hazmat guy!

make it orange instead of blue, would fit portal more

I dont like this maybe a model in black and better grafic?

I posted it on a thread for advice. Give me advice as to what to put on.

Also if you think that I only just put on a god damn logo, look at the original, know what your talking about and why I made a white version, and come back.


Like my old version?

Nothing but the test subjects are orange, and the maintenance areas.

Also this a white sterile version. Fine, if it gets a lot of flack for not being orange, I will ditch the aperture science all together.

It’s not it’s own thing, I will ask the mods to change the title later when I have time.

Also, these normalmaps will go on the orange version as well. The white version is completely separate.


What in gods name is a grafic?

The guy can’t spell. Hes also a little bit picky, as he wants you to “enhance the model graphics”.

I am still not exactly sure what he means? Make it higher res? Make it higher poly? Turn up AA?


That looks pretty.

i am wondering exactly where the aperture science hazmat dude came from, was it like fan-made or something?

Teal isn’t a colour of Aperture science, you can use your “boring” excuse but it doesn’t look like anything to do with aperture unless you see the logo on the back, I don’t think it should be white, but orange/white 70%/30% split might work

He wants it to be Hi-res. Though he can just deal with it as the model is not his, therefore he can’t do anything about it.

I honestly do not give a shit if you find my “excuse” boring. I don’t remember needing an excuse to skin something anyway. The white version is white because someone requested a fucking white version a long time ago and I even said, it will no longer have anything to do with aperture science.

Christ, I am getting sick and tired of you people. These new normal maps WOULD have applied to the original orange version, but now I really don’t give a rats ass anymore.

If anyone want this for a comic, please PM me or send me a message on msn, and I might give it to you.

I am done with this shit.

It does not matter if it’s not a color of aperature science.
Besides, Teal makes it look cooler instead of just plain white.

I don’t think your excuse is boring. Your excuse is that it was boring.

bad reading.

I liked the orange ones better.

I agree, the orange does seem to fit Portal’s palette better.