Aperture Science Serious Roleplay? (OA/TNB)

Over the past couple of weeks, I have thought about something. What is it? Aperture Science. I myself am a very experienced serious roleplayer with OA (Openaura).

Aperture Science is a piece of canon that has always appealed to me. So I started playing gmod, I started on darkrp, like most roleplayers. Then I ended up on a serious roleplaying server, and then I began to enjoy serious roleplaying alot more than my roleplay on Darkrp. So, I began roleplaying on OA.

I have been looking through the server lists all the time, to look for new customized OA gamemodes, but, I haven’t found any. However, I would like to see an Aperture Science gamemode. I mean, it is a great idea. Wouldn’t it be awesome to make up your own core and roleplay as one? Or be a security guard eating doughnuts? Or maybe even be a test subject and work until you ran out of cake? Or maybe be a scientist finding out many more facts and pills to make living as a human abit more easier? Well, this would all be awesome in my opinion, however, there is one problem. THERE ARE NO SERVERS WITH IT!!! So, I thought that if any serious roleplayers who know how to code, script and whatever are interested in making this gamemode, I would love you to try it! Now, I am not implying that I want to run a server, but I am just saying this as a suggestion to Openaura owners.

Note: I had no idea where to put this, so I put it in gamemodes section as it was what related to this topic the most. Kthxbai.

All you would need (Essentially) Is the maps, and a workable portal gun. Maybe a few custom maps would help.

You have the idea, make it happen.

This is similar to our Black Mesa roleplay.


We thought about doing Aperture but it would get boring doing doing the chambers. It’s like playing portal over and over you know how to solve it so it’s boring.

The question is, which era are you doing it in? The 40’s/50’s, the 60’s/70’s, or the 80’s (and above, before GLaDOS)?

The thing with AS roleplay is that you couldn’t do any portal gun testing, but it would be pretty rad in the 70s with other devices being tested.

Mantis Men, anyone?