Aperture Scientist 3021: How I Escaped "Our Benefactors" Interactive-ish

This is my attempt to come back, and me testing my new comic software. This is Interactive-ish. You will get options on how to proceed, but the plot will appear based on what you decide to do.


There’s 4 Options to start out your escape:
1: Talk to your fellow scientist in front of you.
2: Talk to the Manager at his desk.
3: Talk to the Hazmat Scientist Surveying the Magma.
4: Talk to the two Scientists working on the strange equipment.

open a combine portal. find the porcrowgunbar

5: Send male ejaculate samples to the facility’s Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.

  1. Talk to the two scientists.
  1. Get a new job
  1. end this comic



So choose. Be careful though, A-Class Security is personally selected by the Administrators and are permitted to use lethal force if necessary.

  1. Sam fisher the Mofo

Little late, I know, but I say you should trail the guard CAREFULLY, and see if he starts talking about said objects. If you think you are about to be discovered, go back to work for a time. If you haven’t gleaned anything useful from his idle conversations, sneak to the Scientists. Since the guards have lethal permission, and will likely yell if injured, it is a bad idea to try and interrogate them. Because if I’m correct, the complex is very small, and his voice will carry to all the other guards/scientists/anyone else in the general area. Plus, he could overpower you and kill you, I think. Just a suggestion. (trying not to let this thread die, because it has promise)

Can we have a link or name for that map please?

Bump’d by me, but anyway. Surprised to see people want more, definately will look into it. Anyway, the map is gm_lair which can be found here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=123020

  1. Follow the guard and interrogate him by stealing his gun from his hands/holster then beating the shit out of him.

Get the guard in a sleeper hold, then interrogate him when he wakes up.

He’s a hardass guard, you’re a weakling scientist.

You really expect to win that battle?

You will defeat him… with SCIENCE!

Build a rocket ship and fly away!

I made this map and I demand you to make him knock the guard over and interrogate him :smiley: