Aperture Zoey


Majority of you are being unhelpful and underserving of it. Anyone who wanted it can PM me.

She looks like she saw a ghost or something, did you copy-paste Zoey’s face onto Chell’s? Try editing the eyebrows and mouth to give it a calmer expression. And maybe remove the scars with the repair tool.

she doesn’t look like zoey much, maybe you should get zoey’s head mesh and put it on chell’s (you won’t be needing flex data anyway)

I cannot model hack, that is why it is a reskin, and No I didn’t slap her facemap on, the two faces are incompatible.

I think it looks good :D, i say release

:open_mouth: looks good :smiley: i want one… i dont really like the portal chick

A little bit ugly.
Please.change the hair,I hate it.

I actually lol’d my ass off to this. :smiley:


How the hell is that Zoey.

It’s zoeys facemap. That’s how.

What program is that? Id like to get started in modding ragdolls.

what is this i don’t even

A skin.

It’s Zoeys face on Chells.

You’re not funny.


The word is “What”.

I also cut off her eyes, nose, mouth and chin, as well as her two grazes and modified them to fit the sheet.

It looks so bad.

It’s not important the way you did it, it’s the final product that is.

I’d like to see you better.

After looking it up, i find out that the original Zoey and Chell were based off of the same model, Alésia Glidewell.

I liked what you tried to do Viral. It was a good job. But I just honestly can’t stand the shape of Chells face. I know you can’t change that. But good job anyway.

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